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5 Crazy And Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Female Masturbation

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Well, it’s no secret that women masturbate. It’s perfectly normal to explore your body in ways not even a man can. It’s good to know your body well. As long as you don’t inflict harm on your, whatever you like to call it. Masturbation was deemed immoral and a sin and was said to cause damage to your state of mind, yet it does not cause you any physical harm. Anyway, here are some facts you didn’t know about masturbation

1. Female animals masturbate

Say what now? Is it me or is this world full of surprises? huh? turns out that you’re not the only one who plays with your coochie. You ain’t the only one looking for some lovin’. Even female animals need to please themselves once in a while. Especially if they ain’t getting it from their manimals. Horses rub against fences, birds bend their tails,  monkeys have sticks. And no, it’s not just because they’re itchy. I am confused

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2. Masturbation helps ease menstrual cramps

I need to pack my bags and leave, because this is getting crazy. Apparently experts  explain that the surge of feel-good  hormones released during solo playtime can help relieve the pain. I think I’m gonna pass out on this one. Thanks.

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3. Many horny women watch porn

Buff your horns ladies. Calm your tits. Is this for inspiration or entertainment? I ain’t judging boo. Do you. Most women prefer getting off to movies, while others enjoy getting off to porn. It’s cool

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4. Women masturbate to put them to sleep

So, you don’t count sheep before you fall asleep ey? It’s cool. Take out your vibrator, sharpen your tools or whatever. Finger yourself to sleep. Oh I mean rock yourself to sleep. sometimes it’s just about hitting the hay with yourself. Who said going to bed alone was a bad thing? for all the singles out there.

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5. Issa form of mild cardio

Especially for women, it’s very mild Your heart rate increases, you breath heavily and your adrenaline rises to the roof! damn girl. Calm down. Well, at least you know you won’t contract STI’s or infections because you’re keeping it clean and solo.

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So will you be riding solo or you’re cool with your mans? It’s okay to have some little playtime for you. But these facts literally blew my mind like whoa!

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