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5 Best Affordable Maternity Hospitals In Nairobi

These are the best affordable maternity hospitals in Nairobi.

Getting a good maternity hospital in Nairobi is quite hard. After rumors that Kenyan nurses are bile, many people fear for their lives. Giving birth is not an easy task so you need a place that will cater for your needs and take care of you like a woman who is giving birth not an animal. These are best hospitals with great packages for you and your little ones.

1. Nairobi women’s hospital

Nairobi Women’s hospital has been accused of negligence before and was even in a case earlier this year where they had to pay a mother for negligence. Other than that they are quite affordable and many women have taken into their services with ease.

best maternity hospital in Nairobi

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2. Mater hospital

Mater hospital is a hospital that was founded on catholic values, so for those people who are into Christian foundations then this may be good for you. But apart from that you can deliver there for Kshs 60,000 a normal delivery and a  Caeserian delivery Kshs 165,000.

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3. M.P Shah hospital

There are hardly any scandals around this hospital so it would be perfect for a mother who can afford it. They have the best doctors and best facilities, normal delivery is costs approx Kshs130,000 and Caeserian delivery Kshs260,000.

best maternity hospitals in Nairobi

Image: MP Shah Hospital

4. Coptic hospital

Coptic hospital is a mission hospital on Ngong road, since they got the new building it basically looks like a hotel. It costs 50k for normal delivery and 100k for a cesarean.

maternity hospitals in Nairobi

Image: Youth Village Kenya 4 Vacancies Open At Co

5. Kenyatta National Hosptial

Despite the scandals that this hospital has faced they still some of the best doctors in Kenya and in the world. If you have a normal delivery then this would probably not be a bad option, In the private wing normal delivery costs an approximate of Kshs 45,000 while caeserian section delivery cost an approximate of Kshs 135,000.

maternity hospitals

Image: Nairobi News

You need to carefully assess the hospital you go to because you don’t want any unnecessary problems. Start saving for your delivery and any kind of emergency that may take place.

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