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4 Weird Food Cravings All Pregnant Women Have

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There are weird food cravings and then there is pregnancy cravings

Due to hormonal changes and nutrient deficiency, cravings during pregnancy is pretty normal among most women. Some are quite normal while some are seriously from crazy town. Pregnant women please report in the comments and tell us which of this off-the-rail cravings  are so very YOU.

1.Weird food combos

Guys, there is no where is this world, where mutura and marie biscuits will ever be a thing, alas NOT in pregnancy land. These ladies will combine food of different textures, colors, flavor profiles and origins until your head starts to spin and you feel a little retch (just a tickle ) inside your throat. Weh! Hormones are a scary thing.

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2.Foods that you once hated

Watu wa “throw away the whole avocado”, we are awaiting your pregnancies. Yes! You are the people that will wake up your baby daddies at some unholy hour of the night and put them on a desperate search for makodofia. Do you hate chocolate? Just get pregnant and your body will allow you to inhale kilograms upon kilograms of chocolate. Cravings are just witchcraft aki!

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3.Not even food

Weh! You have not lived until the thought of putting soil, soap, polystyrene, charcoal, chalk and even cigarette ash in your mouth makes you want to cry with happiness. Pregnancy is a trip y’all. So guys if you’re pregnant friends starts looking at your used cigarettes. DO NOT BE ALARMED. It’s just pregnancy cravings doing their thing.

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4.Just food smells

Ladies and gents imagine being requested to make pilau by your pregnant friend or relative. You agree because you are a nice person. You slave in the kitchen for hours for your loved one, putting in time, love, sweat and effort. You emerge from the kitchen happily and present your hard work to them and they tell you “Hata nimeshiba”. All she wanted was to smell Pilau cooking, not eat it. We told you pregnancy cravings are a SCAM.

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Pregnancy is a weird and wild time. Thankfully it’ll all be over in 9 months so be patient . If you have a pregnant friend, girlfriend, relative or friend, pole sana and may the force be with you.

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