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4 Ways You Can Pamper Your Man And Make Him Feel Special

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Sis, listen to me

Y’all get ready for the ultimate Pick Me guide on how to pamper your man! Maybe he’s been a really really good boy lately, or you looked up one minute and an overwhelming rush of gooey emotion washed over you and you almost threw up your heart or maybe he just looked cute being a decent human being you just want to cater to him so here are four simple ways to spoil the shit out of your man

1.Dig his groove

More often than not, we end up with people with completely different tastes in music, art and hobbies. You don’t have to like his music but he will truly appreciate you taking the initiative to say, accompanying him to a gig and not looking like your ears are bleeding from the inside.

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2. Get physical

Not that way. Dirty minx.

Sex is all well and good but have you ever felt that weird satisfaction of feeling your man relax under your fingers after a long day? Not only is this relaxing, but it’s also very intimate as well, gently rubbing and tugging the tension away from each other as you watch the telly.. Oh domestic bliss

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3. It’s the little things

Really, you don’t always have to spend big bucks on gifts to make him feel loved, although it doesn’t hurt to splurge on him every once in a while. Buying him his favourite coffee brand or cute socks will give him a warm fuzzy feeling every time he smells it. Making you harder to get rid of too, in case the idiot thinks of dumping you.

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4. Lazy weekend away

You’d be surprised just how touched your man would be if you take the time out to plan a little getaway for the two of you. This shows him you’re all about the relationship and aren’t scared to take charge and let him relax a little bit. It could be a simple picnic or a short weekend trip away! Take your pick!

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it’s 2019, so new year new me. Ladies, we can’t be pampered without giving back, in this age of feminism and equality. What is the one thing you would like to do for your man in 2019?

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