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4 Ways To Deal With Your Babies Dry Scalp

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We are talking about cradle cap today!We know it looks scary and could be a cause of stress for you .That dandruff looking thing on your little one’s head. The exact cause isn’t known, cradle cap is thought to be attributed to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It’s also sometimes caused by the overgrowth fungi in sebum (oil) underneath the skin.Cradle cap causes thick, oily patches on the scalp that may range from white to yellow in color. If your baby has cradle cap on the scalp, they may also have these patches in other oily areas of the body, such as their armpits, groin, and ears.Cradle cap doesn’t itch and doesn’t bother your baby. Here a few ways you can deal with it:

1. Massage in olive oil

If your baby has dandruff or eczema, you may consider an olive oil scalp massage instead of mineral oil. Use the same process as above, and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

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2. Adjust the amount of shampoo you use

You may be using too much shampoo on your little one. Try cutting back as much as you can. The shampoo tends to dry their scalps and make them produce more sebum and this makes the condition worse.

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3. Use medicated shampoo

No matter which medicated shampoo you choose, the key is to leave the shampoo on your baby’s scalp for a minimum of two minutes. For cradle cap, you may need to repeat the process.Use the medicated shampoo two to seven days per week until symptoms improve, or as directed on the packaging. It may take up to one month for symptoms to clear up.

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4.Use mineral oil

Mineral oil is thought to help loosen stuck-on flakes left on the scalp and help reduce symptoms of cradle cap. Although it’s a common home remedy, mineral oil hasn’t been proven to help.

If you want to try mineral oil, gently massage the oil onto your baby’s scalp before shampooing. For extra benefits, run a  comb over the scalp to loosen the flakes. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes before rinsing off.

You can repeat this process for cradle cap before each shampoo session.

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Cradle cap is  normal and often treatable at home. In most cases, the underlying cause is cradle cap. Dandruff, eczema, and allergies are other possible causes.If your baby’s scalp doesn’t improve after a couple weeks of treatment or if symptoms get worse, see your baby’s pediatrician. Tell us what other methods you’ve used to help relieve cradle cap with your own baby. Sharing is caring ladies!

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