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4 Types of Condoms That Will Make Your Sex Life Fire

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Picking out condoms has got to be the best experience in the world!

9/10 we would highly recommend fam.I mean it beats picking up boring groceries and is even better when you do it with your man. Gurrl! Grab your shopping basket and let’s see what the world of condoms has in store for us!

1. Flavoured condoms

One word. Oral sex. Some people are huge, while other people…issa problem. If your partner is into oral sex big time then this is definitely for you. Flavoured condoms come in all sorts of flavours like mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla and (we swear we are not lying) BACON! Do what you will this information sis!

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2. Studded condoms

You’ve probably heard the advertising expression, “ribbed for her pleasure.” Well there are condoms that are shaped and textured to increase pleasure for either the female, theĀ male, or both of the partners (depending on where the raised studs and ribs are).

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3.Edible condoms

Edible condoms take eating your partner out to a whole other level. The condoms is rolled on and eaten off. We must remind you guys that eaten condoms are of no help in preventing STDs and pregnancy so…I mean, wrap it up before you slap it up.

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4.Warming condoms

Warming condoms are a trip. They have a special warming lube thatĀ  is said to takes sensations to the next level. Also nobody wants something cold touching them down there.


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They say you should try everything before you really know what you like. Go on and try these condoms and tell us all about it in the comments below.

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