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4 Tips To Make Communication In A Relationship Easier

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Use your words.

Ladies, we need to stop the habit of saying we are fine when we really aren’t. Communication is crucial for any successful relationship so let’s start doing it so we can all prosper. Here are a few ways to finesse your way  into better communication with your man

1. Be Vulnerable

There is strength in vulnerability.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your man gives him permission to do the same with you. Vulnerability builds openness and trust. Trust is a major key in any relationship and if you trust someone, you can tell them anything, and that will take you far together.

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2. Say it

“I’m fine,” the two words women always use when their partner inquires about what they’re feeling. We need to stop this foolishness. If you’re not OK, don’t say you are. Men are no good at intuiting feelings; you literally have to break it down for them. So don’t be afraid to tell him exactly what’s going on with you.

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3. Listen!

A big part of being a good communicator is being a good listener. It’s not about just hearing what your man is saying, it’s about listening and understanding. When you listen properly, you actually understand what it is he is trying to communicate.

listen GIF by The Maury Show4. Keep an eye on your non-verbal communication

Not all communication is through words.  You say a lot without speaking at all.  Resting bitch face is real! Keep an eye on your body language and ensure it’s in tune with what you’re saying and feeling.

Communication is key to any successful relationship.  Learning proper communication techniques will ensure you have an enduring relationship

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