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4 Things You Should Protect Your Child From At Home

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Toddlers are tricksters

Babies and toddlers are quite possibly the most delicate terrors this world will ever see. I kid you not. They’re always picking, eating and throwing things they shouldn’t, leaving you anxious and annoyed, picking up after them and wondering about return policies. Fret not; here are four tips to keep your baby safer, in your home.

1. Stairs

You need to close off any area of your house that can be easily accessed by a crawling or barely walking toddlers. You can use cardboard or cheap baby rails on your doorways to prevent any wandering.

4 Things You Should Protect Your Child From At Home


2. Power outlets  safety plugs

Toddlers are generally very curious little creatures, aren’t they? They want to poke and prod-explore and for some, destroy anything in sight. Most power outlets are an easy target for toddlers, so to prevent your young one from playing with them, simply cover them up!

4 Things You Should Protect Your Child From At Home


3. Choking hazard

It never hurts to make sure all your kids and pets toys are nicely put away. Babies and toddlers will put anything in their mouths and small toys are one of the major emergency room related incidences involving toddlers. Teach your kids to put away their toys once done playing with them. Also learn to put away random things like pens, pins and clips.

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4. Pets

If you have any pets that share living space with the rest of the family, you need to be very careful not to leave your pets alone with your baby or toddler.  You also need to be careful about the kind of contact your pets have with the baby. Avoid face licks, and playful nips that may be painful and dangerous for your baby

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Babies and toddlers don’t know their own limits. If they are not dangling off a balcony, they are trying to eat their own poop. Just safety proof everything until they know how to act! Tell us in the comments what dangerous thing your toddler almost did that scared the hell out of you!

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