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4 Things That Happen To Your Coochie As You Age

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Adolescence Was Not The End! Menopause is Coming!

Women’s bodies are just amazing and insane and they keep changing! Through our 20s and 30s you’ll notice different shifts in how your body works, from changes in your menstrual flow and related cramps to just the physical appearance of your lady parts, especially if you’ve had a baby, or even just – it’s going to get more real as you age, that lone grey hair in your coochie is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 4 things to expect to happen to your coochie as you age. Scroll to the bottom for tips that will help you manage the changes as you go! Let’s go.

1. Greying Hair

Your coochie hair may thin and grey over time. You probably won’t lose all your hair down there, but yay – less shaving and waxing?

The downside: As you get into your 40s, and your estrogen levels start to fall, you may discover hair growing elsewhere, like on your face. That’s what’s been happening to your Cucu.

2. Your Vulva Looks Older

Losing estrogen is a trip! Your vulva – your exterior lady parts – including clitoris, labia etc, will look mostly the same into your 40s, until after menopause. The distinctive folds of your labia majora and minora may, um, relax, but Everything Will Still Work!

3. Your Vagina Shrinks!

Who knew our estrogen levels needed to be on our prayer lists?


Falling estrogen levels also lead to the shrinking of the vaginal opening, and the reduced length of the canal itself.

Also, it will get dry and easily irritated, especially with sex.

We sincerely wish that this won’t be your portion. In the words of Janet Jackson (by way of Joni Mitchelle): Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…

4. Also pH changes and thinning tissues

That loss of fullness on the vulva, or thinning if you prefer that outlook, will extend to your vaginal tissues. Sex may become painful, alas. Changes in your vaginal pH may make you susceptible to infections, wacha yeast infections, also UTI’s, and other bladder issues, STIs.


 What You Can Do As Time Takes Its Toll:
  1. Keep fit – sexually: The pain of going to the gym for the first time in a while? Don’t do that to her. No partner needed.
  2. Don’t skip those Kegel exercises, they’ll help prevent bladder issues, and keep everything in its place. (Just Google ‘Prolapse’ sis.)
  3. Still on sex: Ensure it’s yummy. Ask for longer foreplay if you need, try new positions or toys. Stay moist, stay young. Did we mention orgasms are better than Kegels?
  4. Lube. Also estrogen creams, pills and rings are a thing! Ask your OB/GYN
  5. Yup: Don’t skip your annual gynae visit. Eat healthy, and don’t smoke. It all adds up.

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