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4 Things New Moms Secretly Want You To Know

Being a new mom is exciting but also quite exhausting

Never in a young woman’s life is she more sleep deprived, exhausted and overwhelmed other than when they have new babies. Along with support and love, there are things that young mothers secretly want you to know.

1.Call or text before coming over

Listen, ever since little Zawadi or Jayden was born, the house has a new master and everyone runs on their schedule. A new mom’s daily schedule is built  around her child sleeping , pooping, being sick..etc. This is your life now, so just accept it. So, before you barge into a new mom’s house, kindly find out what the plan is for the day.

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2.Ask before sharing their baby pics

Guys, we live in a world where someone can use your baby pics for shady things (Hey Kobi Kihara!) so before you put up pics of your friend’s baby Just.Ask. Don’t be that person, be nice to your friend. She has not slept in days.

3.Wash your hands before handling the baby

A baby has no immunity system. We will repeat that, No.Immunity. System. You showing up with grubby hands that have germs from door handles, lift buttons, the shopping cart where you bought diapers, the money you gave the Uber driver… Yuck! No baby will survive those kinds of germs so whatever you do wash your hands.

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4.Come over and hang out with them

Being a new mom can be quite lonely. You’re constantly alone with a screaming child and that can take a toll on anyone. She has no time or brain space to keep up with the girl brunches or check out new restaurants. Make sure to call and make plans to come over and hang out and give her the latest gossip and hep her hold the baby.

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New mothers are still friends, sisters and daughters and they deserve our unconditional love and support. So now you know what to do the next time you visit a new mom, right? Right.

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