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4 Things First Time Moms Want You To Know

New moms little secret to you

For those of us who haven’t yet gotten children of our own, we honestly can’t understand what it’s like being a first time mom. Lemme tell you that it’s really hard. Everything completely changes for them . So the next time you’re about to say something to a new mom, think before you speak. Here is a list of things new moms want you to know.

1. Absolutely everything is SORE

The first few weeks into motherhood, she can write an entire list of parts of her body that are aching and it still won’t be long enough. Can you imagine she literally pushed out a baby? the soreness of her coochie, boobs,back and joints? There’s still more to this btw, the backaches too and sleepless nights?yep. So if she wants to rant about how sore everything is; let her.

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2. She’ll ask for advice if she needs it

Sometimes all a new mom wants to hear from her close family and friends is absolutely nothing. Don’t question her mothering skills and don’t overwhelm her with things that can easily be brought up at a more appropriate time. She just wants you to listen to her and enjoy being in the comfort of people she holds close to her heart. Then again, sometimes it’s just good to bitch about and rant. It’s normal.

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3. Emotional

She is super emotional ladies. I love you, I hate you, get the F off my face, I love my baby. . her body is slowly trying to get back to the way it is and so remember, anything you say might trigger a reaction from her. Be careful with your words and actions around her.┬áBlame her hormones, exhaustion, being home with a crying baby 24/7 or just, ya know, processing how much your life has changed (literally) overnight. Support her by keeping her company, listening, bringing her snacks and just taking her mind away from everything, even if it’s for a while. She secretly appreciates this btw.

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When it comes to a new mom, thing are super sensitive for them. Instead of questioning them and overwhelming her with so much information, find out how she’s doing and how this new responsibility has taken a toll on her and also support her. It’s not easy trust me.

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