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4 Signs Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable

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Relationships are hard!

You are out here trying to moisturise, hydrate and stay snatched for you man then all of a sudden… It hits you, that this man may not be as emotionally connected to you as you think.Emotional unavailability happens when someone doesn’t have access to their feelings and they lack an emotional connection to themselves. Here are a few signs that your man has checked out emotionally.

1.He blames you for all the relationship problems

Excuse me unless he is a heavenly being without sin, he will definitely fuck up. What he should not be doing is blaming you for everything. Eish! Is all you do in this relationship is make mistakes? Stay woke sis. Something fishy is going on.

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2.The sex lacks intimacy

Listen, you know the difference between a hit it and quit  it situation outside a relationship, but inside a relationship? TF?! How ? A guy who just sees you for a dick appointment only and claims to be your boyfriend is playing with you sis. Where is the pillow talk? Are we never going to talk about our feelings? Nah. Something is off.

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3. They avoid you

Listen, if a man wants you, he will not let an entire 3 days pass by without contacting you to check on you. A guy who you have to remind to call you or if you feel like you are spending hella energy chasing him and trying to get him to talk to you then you better start packing your bags and leave the relationship.

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4. They tell you that you are too sensitive

So, you were not sensitive next week but today you are? Ok. Why are you only sensitive when it’s time to speak honestly and openly about the problems you guys have as a couple. Nope. Cut this man off immediately. Kata hio.

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Your man  may not even have an emotional vocabulary, so that if they do have a feeling they don’t have the connection to what the word might be to explain it.

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