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4 Signs And Myths You May Be Carrying Twins

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You may be carrying twins.

It sounds scary especially if you hadn’t planned to get babies at all. But then here you are and you suspect that you may actually be carrying twins, not to scare you but these are two babies honey. The journey always seems a bit longer and harder for a mother who carries twins. From word go the journey is hard and if you suspect you may be having them, these are the signs.

1. You have really bad morning sickness

The myth is that when you’re carrying twins you have severe morning sickness. So you will probably live in the toilet throwing up most of the time. However, some women who carried twins said that their morning sickness was the same regardless of the number of kids they carried.

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2. You will eat a lot more

You are not actually meant to eat too for two as the myth usually states. You are still meant to eat healthily, take your prenatal vitamins and generally have a healthy diet. However, it is said that when you’re pregnant with twins you will eat a lot more.

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3. You feel like you have gained a lot more weight

You feel heavier because there are two people there, how true is this? Mothers who have been pregnant with twins have said that they start feeling heavy from early in the pregnancy plus you just gain weight, clothes start feeling tight really early.

signs you will get twins

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4. You feel heavier

Your uterus has expanded a whole lot to make room for the babies so don’t be surprised when you feel heavier because that weight can weight you down.

signs you will get twins

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Pregnancies are usually very different so you can only guess as much but only an ultrasound will confirm what you’re carrying. Some of these myths come in handy when trying to make your pregnancy make sense but everyone is different.

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