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4 Side Effects Of Slaying In Heels While Pregnant

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You didn’t choose the slay life…

The slay life chose you, what will the people of Instagram say if they see you waddling around in flats? But before you go gallivanting around in heels while preggo (who does this?). If you are used to wearing high heels on a regular basis, you may find it extremely tough to let go of your ‘tall statement’ when you are pregnant. There are a few things to you need to consider before you put on those one – of – a- kind 6 inch heels.

1. Calf Cramps:

When you wear heels for a long time, your calf muscles are in a contracted position. This leads to cramps in the muscles, which may be aggravated during pregnancy. There is nothing worse than being winded, sweaty, hot and then have leg cramps on top of everything.

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2. Back pain

Don’t even try wearing heels while pregnant! The ligaments in lower back and legs are loosened during pregnancy. Wearing heels puts excess pressure on the pelvic and back joints, since the support is not proper. This results in aches around joints and ligaments of lower back and pelvic area.

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3. Risk of falling

The probability of you falling over and injuring yourself and your baby is very high in heels. The strength in your ankles is likely to reduce due to excess weight and hormonal changes in the body. Why risk it surely?

4. Miscarriage

A pregnant woman wearing high heels is always at a higher risk of having a miscarriage. The pregnancy is threatened due to the risk of falling or twisting. So, why to be at danger by wearing high heels?

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It is absolutely not advisable to wear heels while pregnant as there are too many risks involved.Now that you know about the risks that high heels can cause, be more cautious while wearing them. It would be better if you stop wearing high heels during pregnancy. Be careful and take care of yourself and your baby! Have more effective tips? Share them with us.

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