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4 Ridiculous Sex Myths We Have All Heard About

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Sex is wild you guys!

While other view it through a logical scentific lens, others choose to see it through superstitious and weird lenses. Some of the stuff said about thinking about sex, having sex by yourself (wink wink!) or just being a sexual being will have you squinting in confusion or agreeing enthusiastically. Here are some wild beliefs that we’ve all heard

1. Menstrual blood makes things toxic

Bish weeeeyah!? We know… This one is just plain stupid. People from a lot of communities and cultures believed that menstrual blood was toxic and women on their periods were not allowed to cook or serve food and attend religious ceremonies. Hey, at least women got to rest from all the donkey work.

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2. Women only get pregnant through consensual sex

Wauuu! Did rape culture magically come to an end? Where were we when this happened and what were we doing? Judging by the sheer amounts of pregnancies caused by rape around the country, we would conclude that is that actual BS.

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3. Masturbation makes you blind

HAHAHA! Oh wow. This came from the church back in the 90s when the purity movement was doing the actual most. If this were true we would have so many of you out here blind as a bat. If you know, you know.

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4. Vaginas have fangs

So… I have a question. Why aren’t men being in taken to hospital in droves because of penis related injuries? Why isn’t the boychild under siege in the sexual department? Why haven’t we banned women from interacting with men because… you know boy child might miss an important body part? We have questions.

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Some of these are hilarious but also dangerous ideas that can lead rape culture among other harmful ideas. Queens tell us in the comment below what crazy myths you’ve heard about sex. Deal?

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