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4 Reasons You’re Experiencing Painful Sex

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Why are you feeling pain during sex?

This is what? The 21st century? Let us kill the elephant in the room already.First of all this condition is called dyspareunia. You’ve probably  heard your friends talk about their sex escapades and how good it feels but you can’t relate because every time you engage, it’s like you are riding a roller coaster to hell but never back.You are not alone! Not by a long shot. But before you start panicking, this might be the cause.

1. Vaginal issues

This is when an infection might re- occur  causing pain during sex. Such infections include vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases. You need to see a doc just to be sure fam.

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2. Physical problems

Physical causes may be caused by conditions such as hormone problems; the drugs you are taking might cause lack of sexual desire, diabetes, and problems such as fibroids.

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3. Psychological issues

This can be an emotional reason or anxiety that is causing this problem. This might be caused by work related stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, effects of past sexual trauma and concern about sexual performance.

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4. Lack of proper foreplay

This causes insufficient lubrication of the vagina. This means that any foreign objects will find their way in difficult and might thence cause pain. So take your time to be both mentally and physically ready.

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When all is said and done, you are the captain of your vagina .If the pain is persistent despite your efforts to correct the problem, visit your gynecologist and find out why.Good luck!

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