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4 Reasons Eating A Nutritious Breakfast Makes Kids Smarter

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Who doesn’t want to make their child smarter?

We’re pretty sure that every parent would want their kids to be smarter and do well in their academics without struggling. Of course genetics play a big role, however, research suggests that eating a nutritious breakfast can improve a child’s cognitive performance in the classroom. A nutritious breakfast should consist of a variety of foods ranging from whole grains, healthy fats, protein and healthy fruits. We were particularly intrigued by these 4 reasons why eating a healthy breakfast makes kids smarter.

1. Improves a child’s cognitive performance

The first meal of the day is the most important meal. For a child, it helps improve their performance in the classroom and their attention span. That last part is fairly obvious. Kids are already so easily distracted even when everything is perfect, now try making them focus on an empty stomach! One way to improve a child’s cognitive performance is ensuring they eat a nutritious breakfast which contains relevant vitamins, so for example; instead of eating white bread, use brown whole wheat bread with your normal Blue Band – did you know it contains omega 3, which is vital for brain development?

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Source: Blue Band

2. A nutritious breakfast fuels the brain

Of course it fuels their brains, you can imagine trying to concentrate during the day and you haven’t had an adequate breakfast? What happens? You lag behind, you become sluggish and your performance dwindles.

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source: justharvest.org

3. A good breakfast can also contribute to maintaining a healthy body mass index

When a child misses breakfast they are more likely to overeat later because the dopamine levels tend to be lower. Cultivating such bad habits can lead to obesity and ultimately a reduced capacity to engage in physical activity. And it’s not just physical: if your child suffers from a weight problem they are more likely to suffer from self-esteem issues leading to poorer performance in school.

4. Eating a protein-rich breakfast stimulates chemicals in the brain associated with satisfaction and reward.

A protein-rich breakfast increases the levels of dopamine, a chemical in the brain associated with feelings of reward and satisfaction. Higher satisfaction or feelings of satiety means young people are less likely to crave sweets or eat too much later on in the day.

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source: Deccan Chronicle

It is quite evident that kids need a healthy balanced breakfast to charge their minds and body. In Kenya, 45% of school children start their day without any breakfast at all. Children end up struggling to keep up with their studies and become less productive. This percentage is quite high, but Blue Band is on a mission to spread nutritious breakfasts to school children in Kenya. We can all partner with Blue Band on their mission, without too much effort. All you need to do is purchase the limited edition 500g pack of Blue Band. Just that action will trigger Blue Band to donate a good breakfast to a child in need.

Featured Image via Deccan Chronicle




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