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4 Of The Best Mtumba Instagram Stores In Kenya

Cold Weather Fashion Kenya
Source: Lindokuhle Adequate Zwane
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Right on time for mtumba shopping. 

When it comes to shopping cheap, we all love a good mtumba bargain. These days going to Guikomba or shopping from those expensive stores on Moi Avenue are not the only options. There are many stores online that sell mtumba clothing at a super affordable price. Most of the stores, clean the clothes and iron them making them super wearable when you get them delivered to you.

Here are the best mtumba Instagram stores in Kenya.
Taamali Kenya.
maxi dresses to have this year

Source: Instagram

B Trendy 254.
See-through dress kenya fashion

Source: Instagram

Robbie Bags 254.
Vera Sidika Bags Style Kenya Zumi

Source: QueenVeeBosset/Instagram

Wear. Instyle.
Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard Straw Bags Kenya Zumi

Source: Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard / Instagram

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