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4 Mood Boosting Foods For When You’re Feeling Down

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Ok, so the truth is…

It’s natural for us to feel low every once in a while. And for us women, there are all kinds of real-life shenanigans contributing, talk about hormones or responsibilities – before we even head into relationships and work-related stress. It’s tragic that we often turn to unhealthy habits to cope with the stress, habits which don’t provide the comfort and healing we need. If you are looking for new ways to cope, take a fresh look at what you keep in your pantry and fridge, and what you put in your body:

1.Dark leafy greens

Your diet plays a very big role when it comes to your moods. Eat leafy greens like spinach, Sukuma, Mchicha and Managu often and you will notice your bad moods disappear from your life, compared to the fatty foods and sugary drinks you’re depending on. They tend to give you that momentary sugar high but just leave you feeling lethargic in the worst ways!

2. Pineapples

I never used to really like pineapple till I found out they were the GOAT when it comes to boosting up your happy juices. If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, buy yourself a slice of pineapple and munch away the blues.

3. Chocolate

Oh wouldn’t it be nice if the world was chocolate…..

There’s a reason why chocolate always seems to make things better and that is because a small square of dark chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels. If you’re a mom you saw your life play out in Janet Mbugua’s new partnership with Galaxy Chocolate!

Video: Galaxy Chocolates

3. Green tea

Why are hot beverages so calming? Many a bad day can be remedied by steeping a hot cup of tea while thumbing through a good book. Green tea is full of antioxidants and mood-boosting nutrients that help fight anxiety. The caffeine in the tea is enough to give you energy when you’re feeling down.

All of us have our moments when we’re just not ourselves. Put a little care into what you put in your body, and watch every day get brighter and soon enough, you will feel lighter too. The whole self-care mania is real. Build in some sweet moments into your day, try and get more sleep in and see the difference it makes!

Featured Image by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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