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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Laundry

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Doing laundry seems like such an easy task but we are quite sure there are laundry mistakes you make that you’re not even aware of. You might be thinking why must I care about this? Well, the whole point is to take care of your clothes so that they last longer.

1. Watch how you hang your clothes

Turn your clothes inside out and make sure you hang them where there’s shade. We know most people usually think the sun is what dries the clothes but as long as there’s no rain what your clothes really need is the wind. If you leave your clothes out in the sun for too long it can actually fade your clothes out.

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2. Don’t wring your clothes after washing

Shake out your clothes and hang them directly. If you hate ironing as much as we do then this tip will change your life. Even if you don’t have time to iron, you can still wear your outfit and hold your head up. Receive your blessing!

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3. Add salt to prevent colour bleeding

Are you tired of your clothes losing colour and looking faded and old? Those high school home science lessons will definitely come through for you here. Who said everything we learnt in school was irrelevant?!

4. Add vinegar to water when washing your towels

You come out of a hot shower looking forward to that hug of your towel, but instead, it almost feels like razor burn and you’re already upset before you’ve left the house. Girl, this life is too hard to have some negativity in your own house! You can try vinegar to soften your clothes, but sometimes what you really need is a softener. If your budget and time are tight though you could try Ariel with a touch of Downy. Downy is usually a softener by itself, but Ariel has really come through by finding a way to combine both functions all in one, meaning your hands also come out as soft as your clothes. And that soft perfume it has is not bad either.

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Watch the video below for the things you need to know before doing laundry:

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