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4 Kinds Of Affairs You May Not Have Realized You’ve Had

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Not so affair-ctionate, says you

We all like to think that we would recognize an affair if we had one, but that’s not always the case. And sometimes, we want to believe and convince ourselves that it’s not what it looks like. You may think that it’s harmless and no strings attached, but the truth is there is so much emotion involved. You’re just too clouded to believe it. So, for ya’ll married ladies out there, here’s a list of affairs you’ve had and you never realized.

1. The emotional affair

Hmm. .This one takes the trophy home ladies. Even for y’all who are in relationships. This is the most common one of them all. an emotional affair can still be tough to spot even when you’re the one involved.

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2. Revenge flirting

This means you wanna get back at your hubby or your man for infidelity in the past or whatever. Anger is something that can creep up on you, pushing you into behaviour you wouldn’t otherwise engage in. It can even lead to an affair. (uh oh). Girl, you’ll find yourself flirting with that Ka Johnny because you’re mad at your boo.

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3. Financial infidelity

This happens when you make a purchase on something which you eventually feel guilty about doing and you keep it from your spouse. This opens the door to more purchases and more hiding. Soon, your hiding bills, creating secret savings accounts and signing up for new credit cards. And this also means taking care of someone else financially (by this I mean having a sponye on the side)

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4. Imagined life affair

Maybe you’re not happy with your man and so you create this “perfect” life in your head with someone who you’ve had a crush on or someone I don’t know. This will seem a whole lot better than putting in effort in an actual real-life affair. Girl, this is cheating if you didn’t know. Now you know.

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So, have you ever done or experienced, gone through any of the above? Well, don’t beat yourself up over it. Maybe you didn’t know about these types of affairs. But now you know.

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