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4 Fearless Women In The Bible Who Will Inspire You To Be Better

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Finding women who are actually inspiring and motivating is hard in this day and age.

The Bible has a lot of Biblical stories about women but very few are actually used to inspire us. In result, some women grow up thinking that the men in the Bible are the only most powerful people while in reality they were not the only ones. These fearless women in the bible are inspiring and are totally worth looking up to.

1. Esther 

Esther saved a whole nation, something that people thought would be impossible. She was chosen to be a wife to a King who was against Jews but she still managed to stop the King from killing the Jews. Even though she was his wife, she knew she was not allowed to approach him without invitation, and if she did, it could end in death. But she believed she was chosen by God to save her own people and agreed to go in front of the king anyway and won his favor and her people were saved. She didn’t let her fear or position stand in her way.

women in the Bible who are inspiring

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2. Abigail 

No one really talks much about Abigail but she was there and in a very big way. In the old testament she is described as “beautiful” and “intelligent”, “clever” and of “good understanding”. She was a good wife to a rich, wealthy man known as Nabal. She used her wisdom, along with her wealth to plead for the safety of her husband’s household. David, the future king of Israel, swore to seek vengeance after being insulted by Nabal, but was so moved by Abigail’s humble plea, that his heart turned. She was brave enough to take a leap of faith when the odds were against her, humble enough to acknowledge her husband’s shortcomings and trusted God’s will enough to let go and let Him.

Women from the Bible who are inspiring

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3. Hannah 

Hannah was made fun of because she was barren but after many years of hurting she finally got a baby. She promised God that her son would serve him and when Samuel was born she dedicated him to God. Her son later grew up to be one of the most influential and Godly figures in the Bible. She illustrated faith in God and did not turn to her own understanding even when she could easily have done so.

women from the Bible who are inspiring

Image: JW.org

4. Mary mother of Jesus 

When the angel came to Mary saying that she was favored by the Lord and that the Lord was with her, she was confused and nervous, but instead of letting fear get the best of her, she said “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according You word” (Luke 1:38). She was able to trust in God even when what was being ask for something that seemed impossible. In result she became the most blessed woman in the world till today we honor her.

women in the Bible who are inspiring

Image: Seek First the Kingdom – Archdiocese

If you want to be inspired you need to have people who you can relate to. So maybe you didn’t know these women personally but at the end of the day they are people who existed who fced challenges that most of us can relate to.

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