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4 Famous Celebrities Who Said No To Premarital Sex

These famous celebrities who said no to premarital sex and we’re honestly impressed.

In a world where sex is the first thing we usually think about when we’re in a relationship, these celebrities are a great example to the rest of us. Every time you have sex with your partner there is really nothing more to look forward to even if you get married. Waiting till marriage is a path that not many people choose as their journey, however it seems to strengthen marriages and if you don’t end up getting married, at least you would not have lost anything.

1. Jordin Sparks 

The beautiful Jordin Sparks actually vowed to wait until marriage and she did. It probably had something to do with the fact that she grew up in a very Christian household, to make her abstinence known, she wore a purity ring.

Famous celebrities who waited until marriage

Image: Mirror

2. Ciara and Rusell Wilson

Singer Ciara and Rusell promised to be celibate until marriage and we guess this was surprising especially since she was previously married to Future we sort of thought she didn’t have such morals.

famous celebrities who waited until marriage

Image: Page Six

3. Tamara Mowery-Housely 

The sweet Tamera and her husband chose to wait until marriage to have sex. Mrs Housely said that they did this to honour their faith which is probably why their marriage is also flourishing and working well.

Famous celebrities who waited until marriage

Image: Vibe

4. Devon Franklin and Meagan Good 

Meagan got one of the good ones and it is just inspiring. Their journey led them to write a book where he wrote ” As a man, if you can be disciplined in your sexual life, there’s nothing you can’t do” which makes sense considering sex is usually such a downfall.

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There is nothing wrong with sex, but there is everything wrong with it when it rules you. When you start having sex with someone you really like it becomes the center of your relationship which eventually makes your relationship weak.

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