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4 Fail Safe Ways To Help You Have A Smooth Period

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Here is a truth.

We are too old for problematic periods y’all. Too old and too damn tired so I compiled a list of my essential fail-safe ways to have a smooth period for all you beauties because sharing is caring..

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1.Track your period and fertility

We cannot be having surprise periods in 2019 because we no longer have to track our periods by placing tiny discreet dots on the family calendar! If you’re reading this, chances are that you own a smartphone, ergo you can download a period/ fertility tracker, so why don’t you have a period tracker you basic bish?

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2. Understand your flow

The only way to avoid a messy period is to understand your flow. This is your body, be totally Zen about it and get in touch with your menstrual cycle and its process. This makes it easier to anticipate the cramps, fatigue, mood swings and your flow.

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3. Arm yourself

Always get your sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners when you do your monthly shopping. You might be sceptical about it, but better be prepared than piss broke, cramping and spotting the greatest flow known to any woman. Always have some product on you even when your period is a week or two away. If you are the forgetful type, slip one into your favourite handbags, you know, just in case

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4. Spoil yourself

You’ve probably already been doing this without knowing with the gorging out and taking naps ‘because of cramps’ but trust me, you will feel so much better when you consciously spoil yourself during this crampy, bloaty bloody catastrophe. You like ice cream and chocolate when you’re on your period? Have some all bundled up, with your favourite bae rubbing your feet as you binge-watch Gossip Girl? Bloody Bliss.

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We will not be defeated by period girls. We are busy. We need to be hydrated, moisturized, edges prospering and doing the most in 2019. Here is a way you can figure out whether your periods may be endometriosis or not…

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