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4 Definite Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

signs you're a bad kisser
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Kissing is a form of skill, you’re either good at it or you’re not.

You may think you’re the queen of kissing but here are definite signs that you’re a bad kisser. If you don’t enjoy kissing and most of the times you end up in a weird situation where a guy just sneers at you after kissing then there’s a problem. Not everyone is good at it because it doesn’t only involve a peck it is a whole affair all together.

1. Your teeth bump a lot

If your teeth keep clanking then there’s a big problem with your technique. You don’t need to put your whole tongue in his mouth or insist on what you see in the movies, stick to pecking if the mood for kissing is not there.

signs you're a bad kisser

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2. It never get’s passionate 

Your kissing doesn’t get to another level because there’s no passion. You get to a place where you’re just pecking or moving your head too much then your jaw gets tired.

signs you're a bad kisser

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3. There’s too much spit and it’s messy

If you have to control how much spit is coming out and it’s just messy and disgusting then there’s a problem. This may also be his fault but if you catch yourself having a heavy tongue all the time, go slow on the tongue and use more lips.

signs you're not a good kisser

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4. Your partner avoids kissing

If they would rather do everything else than kiss then he doesn’t think you’re a good kisser. If he pulls back after you try and kiss him then you either have bad breath or you’re a bad kisser.

signs you're not a good kisser

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Is there a way you can be a good kisser? Well yes, you also need to have someone with whom you have chemistry with. Someone who you’re always in sync with at all times.

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