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4 Best Places To Get Delicious Fries In Nairobi

We’ve got potato fever!

Let us please never argue about this statement especially if said potatoes are fried. The thing about fries is it makes you nostalgic for the day when you were still a kid and your parents took you swimming and get fries later. Fries just taste damn good though and we are going to reveal the places you need to be getting fries from today ASAP

1.KFC Street wise fries

KFC fries are the real plug. Those things must have some crack in them because we are addicted. They are the perfect size, not too big and not too small, perfectly salted and not oily to death. Next time you are next to a KFC, ask them for the street wise combo that comes with some crisp chicken on the side.

2. Chicken inn

Chicken in fries are a bit on the thick and slightly oil so if that is your jam, then by all means live free and eat fries.  Their fries are not salted (What is this struggle!). The good news though?They have a deal where if you buy the 2 piecer, you get one more piece of chicken free. There is a gawd!!

3. McFrys

McFrys is a national treasure. That place is literally older than some of us!  (Cough*Mzee ni wewe*Cough) .They have great chicken and their servings are huge (Sorry, KFC and Chicken inn). The fries aren’t thin and pre-salted but they still taste great in a combo with their famous chicken

4. Java House

This is the place you go to when you want all types of fries. Java really goes in… Mara masala chips, mara mushrooms chips, mara spiced… Weh! Anyways! The chips are not as skinny as KFC but they are pre-salted and not oily in the least

In terms of pricing Java is the most expensive for a chicken and chips combo, followed by KFC , then chicken inn and then McFrys combo as the most affordable fries.

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Where do you get your best fries from? Would you rather get some home fried chips or from out there?

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