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4 Attitudes You Should Walk Into 2019 With

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Coming for you 2019!

This is how it’s gonna be done and said, ladies. We all have some traits and behaviours we need to put an end to before the year ends. From not believing in yourself, to self-esteem to hate to everything we know, brings us down and prevent us from moving forward. So, here’s a list of attitudes you better walk into 2019 with. No questions asked! Do you boo

1. D.G.A.F Attitude

Yes. If anything you should be walking into the new year is; a not give a fuck attitude. You need to realize that the world won’t always be nice. It’s a dog eat dog world and so, in order for you to survive in it, you have to have a tough shell, honey. One that is prone to caring and taking things to heart. You need to stand up and speak for yourself when in situations. If you don’t have this attitude, then you’re in for a shock. The more you care less, the better you are at living your life for YOU.

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2. Confidence

We need to find confidence in ourselves before we are ready to take on the world. Confidence comes from within you and not from anybody else. Love who you are, how you look and everything that makes you; well you. Wear your confidence on your sleeves baby girl. It’s the only way you will survive. Only if you believe in yourself.

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3. Self-esteem

If you have no faith in yourself whatsoever, what makes you think people will believe in you? Exactly. Keep your head up high and show the world that you’re a no-nonsense woman. The level of respect you will get from you and people, you’ll be surprised at how powerful you are and can be.

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4. Happy

First and foremost; you need to be happy af! If God has brought you this far, then the rest of your path will be worth everything you have ever put into your life. Be happy with who you have an are becoming. Embrace every single part of your life for you. Not anybody.

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I can write a list from here to Timbuktu, and you’ll still read it. What you choose to do with it, is entirely up to you. But remember this; you are living your life for you. So, how you choose to do things and live, is your choice.

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