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3 Vaginal Infections That Are Common During Pregnancy

Source: Healthline.com
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Vaginal infections during pregnancies are very common.

It’s not enough that your body will be tired but your body’s immunity also reduces. You’re carrying a whole other human being but your body keeps fighting you. Vaginal infections when pregnant are very common because of all the hormonal imbalances. You should not ignore symptoms as it may cause early labour.

1. Yeast Infection

This is caused by a fungus that already lives in your vagina. When you’re pregnant a hormone known as estrogen usually increases which creates the kind of environment that is needed for this bacteria to thrive.

 yeast infection

Source: WebMD

2. Bacterial Vaginosis

There’s always an imbalance in your vagina when you’re pregnant. The symptoms are not always very obvious so you need to pay attention to the colour of your discharge. If you have grayish or whitish discharge that has a fishy smell, you need to pay attention, you would need to visit a doctor. It is not transmitted sexually, but it is associated with having vaginal sex.

bacterial vaginosis

Source: Verywell Health

3. Urinary Tract Infection

Almost every pregnant woman alive has undergone a urinary tract infection before. This happens because your uterus is changing the size so the increased weight can block the drainage of urine from the bladder which would cause an infection.

 Urinary tract infection women

Source: Future of Personal Health

Drink a lot of water, make sure you’re always clean and always inform your doctor of everything you’re going through.

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