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3 Things The Colour Of His Sperms Says About His Health

things you need to know about sperms
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If you want to know a bit about a man’s health you need to know the colour of his semen.

What a man eats, drinks and his general lifestyle determines a lot about his sperms. Many men happen to be infertile but we tend to be blamed because we are women. But here’s a fact file, after he cums make it a point to see the colour and analyze using the information from this article.

1. Clear to “whitish gray”

This basically means that he is healthy so that’s good for him and you for fertility purposes. It can also be a healthy pale yellow if the man urinated before sex.

what the colour of his semen says about him

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2. Red or pink colour 

This basically means that there’s blood present in the semen which could be an indication of a STD. If there’s blood in his semen you need to run as quickly as you can. He might also have a prostate problem but either way he needs to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

what the colour of semen say about it

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3. Yellow 

While semen having a yellow shade could simply be the presence of urine it could also be a sign of jaundice or an STD. Some foods contain a yellow dye, however, says Knox, and this can make its way into semen.

what the colour of your semen says about your health

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Some may find it weird looking at the colour of a man’s semen but trust me it’s really not. If you have been together for some time there’s a way you will become familiar with bodily fluids. You will get to know so much more about him and the more you know the better.

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