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3 Reasons You Are Not Producing Breast Milk

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Ladies, ladies, ladies…

Our bodies truly are amazing creations. Frustrating. But amazing. As a new mum you will always be bombarded by helpful little hints on how to bathe your baby, how to breastfeed, how often to do it, and even ways you can increase your milk flow, but have you ever stopped to wonder wtf your titties just refuse to feed your precious baby? Here are three reasons why you might be having trouble releasing milk your first time around!

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1. Stressful birth

Girl listen, you just pushed out a whole human out of your body. Things will stretch, others will tear and your body will no longer be your own after hours of labour. Pat yourself on the back mommy, you have just done a tremendous job. If you find that you are having trouble expressing milk, give your body a chance to heal and you will be well surprised and your baby fed.

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2. Breast milk coming in late

Which happens to a lot of women and is completely natural. It will take some women three to five days before they start producing any breast milk. It is natural that you will get stressed out, but if you do, you will still not produce any milk, and that’s a vicious cycle you do not want to put your baby through.

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3. You are not doing it enough

Practice makes perfect lil Mama!

Newborn babies need to be fed every two to three hours throughout the day and night and the more you do it, the more your body is stimulated to produce milk and the less you do it…you catch my drift! So Go Mama Go!

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Do not be afraid. Milk going missing is all part of the being a mom journey. Keep your chin up.

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