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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex With An Ex

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Sex with your ex is a no-no!

For those who do not know the first cardinal rule when it comes to dealing with exes,it states that you shouldn’t, absolutely shouldn’t entertain something that’s already in the past.Let bygones be bygones.When it comes to an ex,it’s always a controversial topic since there’s always so many emotions and memories attached.You’ll probably convince yourself that you don’t want to give up on a love that you once had.However,as understandable as it is,letting go completely is usually the best option when it comes to a former lover.

Here are the reasons why:
1.Probability of false hope

If and when you decide to bang it out with your ex,there’s a high chance either one or both of you will get caught up in a whole lot of emotions.You might believe in the possibility of you two going back together.So what if it doesn’t happen?You’ll be back to the drawing board,heartbroken and confused all over again.

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2.You won’t be able to move on

I get it,it’s tempting .The whole kiss and makeup scenario gives you the chills.It’s inevitable.But maybe it’s just sex .You’ll mark time around the same situation ,going back and forth,trying to fix things when you could be taking time off to figure out what you want and deserve as a person.Don’t rekindle a flame that will burn you.

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3.It’s an unhealthy cycle

It’s true what they say about your actions being your habits.What you tolerate and how you treat yourself becomes your default setting. The same happens when it comes to relationships.If you allow yourself to keep going back to your ex with no second thought it will end up becoming your habit.Furthermore your ex might be a manipulative guy who just wants you for sex only.

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If the issue present is unresolved feelings with your ex,the best move to make is to work it out slowly .Sex should be off the table till you are sure you can be able to make it work for sure.

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