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3 Reasons Why Being Single Doesn’t Totally Suck

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Alllll the single ladies.

Everyone is trying to shonesha kitenge with somebody’s son out there. Most of us done mess up already and we’re waiting for love to find us in time for 2020 wedding season.

But you know what, being single isn’t that bad! Don’t believe us? Check out these four reasons to you should love being single

1. You can go out anytime you want.

Or not at all for those of us who preferred a quiet night in over going out any time! Seriously, when you’re single you and your girls can grab a drink that could turn into an all-nighter any time without having to worry about leaving your partner at home.

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2. Rediscover yourself

At some point when you are in a relationship, it starts being more about you as a couple instead of just you. You start using words like us and we and you bleed into each other’s lives until you lose your individuality. If you are single, think back on the things you used to love doing and see if you still like doing them if you don’t, what new things do you like? This is the time to get in touch with YOU.

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3. You meet new people

You have to admit that your circle becomes small when you are part of a couple. You also tend to hang out with more couple friends because that’s the dynamic. When you’re single you can make different friends from different social circles and develop new meaningful connections with people you would not have been friends with as part of you and bae! And people are Beautiful! Go out and meet some!

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Being single is not the end of the world. There is so much else to do and be rather than be in a relationship. Anywaaaays speaking about relationships…5 Weird Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Do




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