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3 Best Pregnancy Movies You Should Watch

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This is it. Well, ALMOST!

So, first-time moms, you might be wondering what it’s like when you’re about to go into labour. You’re filled with both excitement and anxiety because you have no idea what’s gonna happen between then and the time you finally push your baby out into the world. So, here’s a list of three movies you should watch, that will give you an idea of how it’s bound to go down.

1. What to expect when you’re expecting

I mean, it’s all in the name right? It literally shows you everything you go through when pregnant and so it’ll give you all the information you legit need to know. Make this movie your bestie moms.

Pregnancy Movies - What To Expect When You’re Expecting

what to expect when you’re expecting

 2. Nine months

This is a movie you watch when your hormones are all over the place and you just want to make use of every feeling you’ve got. It’s romantic and it gives a pretty good idea of pregnancy all through your nine months. So what’ do you say? You game or nah?

Pregnancy Movies - Nine Months

Nine months

3. Friends

Well, who can say no to this series? It’s been there for the longest time and is absolutely relatable. Have a laugh, have a cry I mean, whatever floats your boat honey. You get to see how Phoebe and Rachel deal with their pregnancies and everything. Need I say more?

Image result for friends series


There is so much to expect when you’re on the verge of giving birth. You learn so much within the first half and the next half. But somehow, you still pull through it all. What does this say about you? Simple. You’re a strong woman indeed!

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