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3 Powerful Women In The Bible You Didn’t Know Were African

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We African women are blessed.

While most of the stories in the Bible were based on men, women also had a major role to play. Some of these women were very influential, and the best part was that they were from Africa.

1. Queen of Sheba 

Of Ethopian decent, Queen of Sheba went to visit Solomon carrying a large quantity of spices, gold and precious stones with her. She was drawn to Jerusalem because of Solomon’s fame, and once she reached, she tested the king with hard questions. Solomon answered them all, and she was so impressed that it led to a love affair between the two. Her fame was such that 2,000 years after her death, Jesus Christ talked about her.

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2. Zipporah

Also of Ethiopian descent, Zipporah was the wife of Moses. The two met at a well. Mosses defended her and her sisters from men trying to prevent them from fetching water, and from there one thing led to another. The two got married and they had two sons together, Gershom and Eliezer.

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3. Hagar. 

She is reported in scripture as the first enslaved sex victim, namely to Abraham. She was an Egyptian handmaid of Sarai, who gave her to Abraham to bear a child. The product of the union was Abraham’s firstborn, Ishmael, the progenitor of the Ishmaelites.


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Had you expected these women to be such big characters in the bible?

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