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3 Important Things You Need To Do After Sex

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For the sake of your health.

I know I know, all you want to do is lay in bed in the arms of your lover, cuddling and talking after that steamy session of passionate love making. We get it, but there can be time for that a little later since they are some more important things you need to be doing before slipping into dreamland with your bae.

Here is what you should be doing:

Did you know peeing after sex prevents some infections most commonly the UTI? Pee washes away the bacteria that could cause an infection. That quick dash to the loo could actually save you from a period of extreme pain. Going to the loo flushes the bacteria away that could harm your urinary tract and cause infections.


There’s no better time to have that one on one intimate conversation with your partner than after a love making sesh,trust me!Men are more prone to have their emotions run with the wind after sex.This is also an amazing way to build the closeness and intimacy needed a healthy relationship.

3.Wash up

You don’t have to dash to the shower right after but wiping yourself down would prevent your skin from getting irritated by some bacteria or infections that your partner might be have.Washing your genital parts will also reduce the chances of an infection but don’t wash your vaginal area with soap.The vagina has self cleansing properties that will work just fine.Avoid using soaps around that area too.

You might get tempted to just lay in the bliss but a quick run to the loo ,a quick pat down and then finally laying with your partner to have an amazing,mind-blowing conversation will boost your physical health as well as your relationship’s intimacy too!




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