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3 Hearty Salads You Definitely Need To Try Out

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There’s been a lot of trash talk about salad.

Salads are often unfairly judged as boring, bland and not very filling. Well, we disagree, and we are here to vindicate them with these three hearty, delicious salads.

1. Potato Salad

This salad makes me clap my hands in glee anytime I make it because potatoes are more reliable than most boyfriends.

3 Hearty Salads You Definitely Need To Try Out

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How To: Mix pre-boiled potatoes with diced red onions, celery, egg, mayo or yogurt, some ground black and white pepper and salt! If you can afford it, fry up small bits of bacon until crunchy to add to your salad. You’re welcome!

2. Pasta Salad

This is my favourite way to use up leftover pasta the next day because I’m always making pasta marinara. If you’re starting fresh, you can just boil a cup or two of pasta as you cut up your tomato, cucumber and avocado. Yes! That’s all you need for this amazing AND filling salad! Add some boiled eggs for that protein boost!

3 Hearty Salads You Definitely Need To Try Out

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3. Roasted Veg Salad

If you don’t get much use out of your oven you should give this a try. What I love about this is you can pretty much use any vegetable lying around in your kitchen. Lay your vegetables on a baking sheet, set your oven to 200° C. I’m not about that waiting life, and they should be done in fifteen minutes!  My favourite combo has to be tomato, eggplant, zucchini, peppers and carrots. I find that baked or boiled sweet potato and butternut squash add a lot of flavour and texture as well.

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Set yourself up for a 2020 where you are hydrating, eating your vegetables and minding your own business.




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