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3 Fire Sex Positions For Lazy Sex With Bae

We all have those days.

You’re horny lazy and somehow , hungry all at the same time.  What is up with that?  Sometimes ya’ll coming home from a night out, all wined up needing to be booed up and twiddled with but you just can’t be bothered to do more than be the pillow princess you secretly are. What to do? What to do?


3 Fire Sex Positions for Lazy Sex With Bae

Here’s what…

1.Dirty spoon

This is a dangerous position. It starts out deceptively innocent with a bit of a cuddle and a poke and the next thing you know he’s whispering filth into your ears and you’re promising to cook and clean and birth him 200 babies if he would just-put-it-in


Image: cosmopolitan.com

2. Downward Dog

Namaste is the word you will be gasping mid stroke if he puts it down right.  It’s one of those positions that are really good for stimulating your G-spot. Even the most mediocre of dicks can find it- but what are you doing with MD? Throw it away with the rest of the  trash this 2019!


Image: cosmopolitan.com

3.The Rodeo special

Or as the millenials of 2019 call it… Netflix and chill.We all have that one movie that makes your lady bits quiver with the memory of a good lazy sofa dicking. The fact that your lazy ass must put in minimum effort by straddling and riding is nothing. Not if you somehow still convince him to do all the work *wink*


Image: cosmopolitan.com

Whatever position you decide, just make sure bae knows he will be doing all the work. Sometimes you just need to lie back and take a break from all the back breaking work (wink), you have been putting in 2019. Ama namna gani ma fren? Tell us in the comments, what position you are excited to try.

Treat Your Boo To These Lazy Sex Positions That Will Get The Work Done Chap Chap!




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