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Forget Dinner, This #TembeaKenya Destination Should Be Your Only Valentine’s Day Plan With Bae

We think romantic comedies have it etched in our heads that Valentine’s day is only about getting dressed,¬†flowers and going for dinner.

There’s so much more that a couple can do and have as much fun if not more. You can be creative and have an outing of your life that you can narrate to your grandkids for years to come.

There’s so much that our country has to offer in terms of activities and scenic locations that can act as a canvass for your memories. A perfect example would be the caves at Mt. Suswa. This location is perfect for watching a romantic sunrise and sunset while camping on the edge of the crater, a picturesque greenery and a labyrinth of caves.

A few minutes out is the Rift Valley circuit where you and bae can go-karting. Watch the video below to see the kind of high you’d be on if you decided to take this trip for Valentine’s day:

While your besties are talking about the dinner they had for Valentine’s day, you will share the ‘experience’ and it’s only one and a half hours out of Nairobi.

What are your plans for Valentine’s day? Would you switch up and #TembeaKenya instead?




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