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5 Kenyan TV Series You Definitely Watched Growing Up In The 90s

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Enyewe tumetoka mbali!

Nowadays, with the internet in full swing, we can afford the luxury of switching from series to series, Netflix and chilling. However, we cannot forget where we came from, days when we used to finger through a newspaper for the programme lineup and stare at the clock in anticipation for your fave programme.

These are the times when the room would go silent only to interrupted by resounding laughter because entertainment then was realistic and relatable to our daily lives but with a twist.

Here are 5 programmes that we grew up watching:

1. Vioja Mahakamani

We don’t know if this inspired some of you to be lawyers and advocates of the high court or petty thieves but everytime it came on we cracked up. Remember Ondiek Lukakwota and that prosecutor? Life was so good then.

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Source: YouTube

2. Omo Pick a Box

Money or the box? Money or the box? Remember when you shouted box with a cash price of Kshs.5000 and you end up with a kitchen knife. The disappointment!

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Source: Twitter

3. Tahamaki

This was our equivalent of a horror movie. Our innocent minds were forever scarred.

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Source: Nairobiwire

4. Vitimbi

First of all RIP Ojwang! Mama Kayai was the mother figure that we all feared and admired at the same time. This show was comedy at it’s finest.

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5. Tausi

Drama, suspense, plot twists. This was our version of a soap opera.

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We had quite the childhood looking back now. These are memories we’ll forever cherish! Which was your favourite series?

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