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5 YouTube Videos You Should Watch This Week!

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YouTube is an amazing wonderland but sometimes we get stuck in the rut of the shows and people we’re already following, or maybe the top trending videos don’t cover the range of our interests. When that happens we find ourselves looking for something new, awesome and different to challenge us in a new way. Well if that’s you you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been looking across local travel, entertainment and motherhood especially from a real Kenyan woman’s perspective. These are our top five current favourite videos on YouTube.

Here Are Our Top Picks For The Week:
1. Live Birth By The Green Calabash.

This is the most emotional, scary, and amazing thing you’ll see on Kenyan internet this week yo.  Seeing these two wonderful human beings; Rama and Shiko bring their beautiful baby boy into the world was everything! Many of us at the office were taking notes about home births, some of us went down a rabbit hole through YouTube learning more about home births and doulas and midwives. Also, how is it that we just realized that every baby in every movie we ever watched looked nothing like an actual newborn?! Check it out and see what everyone is talking about!

2. Do You Know What The Lyrics Mean?

Everybody: Wamlambez?

Ezekiel Mutua: Not Today Satan!

Most of us just sing songs without knowing what they truly mean.  Peaches & Cassava decided to take a close listen to recent music releases by Ethic & Sailors 254. Yo! We were so shocked when we slowed down, translated and broke down what the lyrics meant! And guys have been reacting to Mkamburi’s take, vs (let’s be honest) most of the mens’ take. Comment section nayo. Don’t see we didn’t warn you…

3. Sho Madjozi Blessed Us With Another Banger!

Ey! Have you heard Sho Madjozi’s latest song, “John Cena”? Ok, she’s not Kenyan, but the South African songstress raps in practically flawless Kiswahili!!! We just had to include her! Some of your Group of Schools friends who don’t speak Swa are already taking themselves back to school just to understand what she’s saying. And can we take a moment to talk about her outfit?! She’s just too much to handle!

4. Hijabi Vlogger Farhana Oberson Explores Malawi en route to South Africa!

Farhana Oberson is on her way to South Africa by road! And she’s just reached Malawi. We’re already in a Christmas frame of mind and trolling the internet for ideas for places to go this Christmas, and wow does she see some beautiful spots! Our research tells us it’s really cheap to stay in some really nice hotels over there, so we’re saving up to go see how other Africans live instead of just going to Coast in December. We’d love to hear of any interesting places you have discovered, please send us those YouTube links!

5. ZUMI Girl Stories

Ok, this right here is shameless self-promotion but we were really fortunate to meet Babara Chege. Apparently, when she was young she fell for someone and got very serious trying to get him to fall for her. It’s a serious lesson in self-love. Save this as your pick me up, sis! And we’ve got a new episode coming up with Adelle Onyango. Look out for that!

Why are we talking so much about YouTube? ‘Cause we just figured out that that message you get about a ‘Story Bonus’ after you’ve been calling and texting, now comes with double the airtime AND 200MB of free YouTube! So nowadays we make calls as normal and then chill out later in the day with a nice YouTube video for free! Also the promo for it was super entertaining:

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