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Things Just Got Real On Episode 3 Of East Africa’s Got Talent

East Africa's got laent
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Things just got real!

Episode one and two were just warming us up for what’s in store. Episode three definitely left us on the edge of our seats because the talent became so diverse.

Girl power kicked off the episode as 28-year-old silk acrobat Liz from Tanzania. Liz, who has been doing silk acrobatics for the last 5 years, let her body weave its own story as she hiked up the silk cloths attached to the studio ceiling. Wa! She almost gave the judges a heart attack as she did moves hanging and pirouetting from above.

Source: YouTube

You know how when you are watching TV and then boom, something grabs your attention? Tetemesha Africa dance crew definitely had the same effect on me when they made their way on stage in their colourful bee-inspired costumes and face paint. Let me just say their energy was infectious, wafting through the screen and pushing me to break into my baddest moves.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Fast forward a few minutes later and all I can say is definitely don’t miss out on the next episode wueeh! Two words: drums and recycling. The Jua Kali drum team came in for a colourful performance using locally recycled plastic and metal containers as drums. Luckily, they qualified for the next round.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Enter the African Snake Girl

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Just When we thought we were about to catch our breath in came a contortionist! Have you ever felt pain just by watching someone contort their body into unnatural postures? I was literally watching the screen through the crack between my fingers on my face. My insides cringed with every twist her body accomplished! The African snake girl proves that not even sticks and stones can break her bones. We are still reeling from seeing her untangle her limbs without hesitation.

Golden Buzzer

Team Makorokocho gave us caveman dance realness with their impeccable choreography that left us thinking of the evolution of man. Such an outstanding performance.

Lastly, Godfrey from Tanzania gave us the saxophone rendition we never thought we needed but the catch is, he didn’t have the instrument. Watch the full episode below to find out exactly what we mean:

You can catch the episode on East Africa’s Got Talent YouTube channel.

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Episode 4 is 5 days away and we have already set our reminders so we can catch up on all the talent that East Africa has to offer!

Featured Image via YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent