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Is Twerking A Talent? Find Out On Episode 5 Of East Africa’s Got Talent!

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Of golden buzzers and bubble bursters.

Episode 5 was jam-packed with lots of surprises. It seems like this is the episode where everything was unleashed and it just keeps getting more intense!

This week’s episode kicked off with Davis Ntambazi from Uganda who hit us with a Tetema instrumental that left judges in awe.

However, it is the Machakos School for the Deaf dance crew who touched the whole room with their ability to dance to the beat of the drums by listening to their heartbeats.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

The judges were as pleasantly surprised as we were and went on to give 4 resounding yeses to the dance team.


Nairobi’s Klassy Kats gave us burlesque goals with their well-tailored costumes as they swayed their hips on stage to give an enticing performance like something out of Broadway.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

But the moment that elevated this episode to the top of Mount Kenya came when Hoziyana Peace from Rwanda got on stage and let the judges know that she’ll be singing Whitney Houston’s classic “I’ll Always Love You.” Bold move; you could it all over the judge’s faces. That girl sang that song, so much so that when the time came for the chorus everyone in the room was like:


But Things Fall Apart, friends! By the end of it we really weren’t sure. And when we heard the judges, yenyewe nothing was given. Until one judge took a leap of faith:


Oh, glory. Imagine the closest I’ve gotten to that is getting that 200% airtime on Stori Ibambe, PLUS that 200MB of YouTube! Ok, I know it’s not the same thing, (yenyewe there’s never any golden confetti), but I love that I can be on both sides – one time when I receive my Story Bonus, and the second when I tell someone else that they can have it too! I’m like Vanessa Mdee pushing that Golden Buzzer y’all! Related: We’re loving that Stori Ibambe ad.

And then an Eyeful

When they say ‘talent’ we don’t think anybody had Elizabeth Anyango in mind. The 20-year-old gave the judges an eyeful when she got on stage, gave the audience her back, and started twerking uncontrollably. Her unusual talent earned her four sure nos from the judges while the crowd stared in disbelief. Better luck next time sis!

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Finally, being the proud Kenyans that we are, we cannot fail to highlight our very own ‘The 97s’ this Christian trio reminded us of the famous Sauti Sol band. From the singing to the acoustic guitar, Gospel music just became cooler.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

But this show makes people emotional! Watch the full episode below to catch up:

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Featured Image via YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent