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#GirlsJustWantToHaveFunds – Your Words Will Create Your World

positive words
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Stop having a broke mentality!

Life is already challenging with the irregularity of an income or the lack of finding a job so it’s important to spend a lot of time creating a positive world through positive words.

positive words

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Words said carry so much power and will often affect how you think, either positively or negatively. So I ask you this, how do you use words? When do you use certain words? And what world, are your words creating? Learn to stock up on words filled with belief, hope and faith and indeed your words will manifest into a tangible reality.

positive words

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Words said cannot be unsaid, you shouldn’t sow seeds in your mind if you don’t want them to manifest in your reality. If you’re at a point when things are looking bleak and blur, then defer from talking about how your situation is looking and focus on talking about the change you seek. This will deposit a positive spirit in you and it will encourage you to stay motivated on doing what is within your control and trusting that things will work out as you hope for it too.

Positive words

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Words indeed possess more power than we may be led to believe they alone can weaken the strongest person and strengthen the weakest person. Let the words you use from now on be ones that build you up and also those around you.

Robin Sharma says it best that words can inspire and they can destroy, so it’s your responsibility to choose your words wisely.

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