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East Africa’s Got Talent Episode 6: Who Makes It To The Final 18!

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It’s about to get real for contestants!

Episode 6 was like entering into a magical world of diverse performances and we could tell the judges were not playing this time around. They took their time and analytically picked the best of the best to go through to the Final 18. So much is at stake!

Puppet 254 kicked off the episode with a performance we never knew we needed to see, the young guy from Nairobi touted himself a ventriloquist

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

We were bamboozled when Delphine from Rwanda got on stage and started belting out “set fire to the rain” by the one and only Adele.


It was ok, maybe not four “Yes”‘s okay, but Vanessa Mdee knew there was something stronger. She asked her to take off her shoes and try another song. Delphine sang a verse from Rihanna’s Stay and that was enough to get her to proceed to the next round. The lesson here? Be yourself at all times. That’s the person who’s going to open up opportunities for you: plain old you.

Let’s just say for Loykhan it wasn’t a great day, he came on stage with so much vigour, performing a song by James Brown but his vocals put the judges off. Vanessa Mdee actually said that he was growling like an angry cat. Imagine, Vanessa Mdee! It was kind of true though. And that’s how he lost the battle and the war.

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

We were not prepared for the Indian Divas – their dance performance and story was just so powerful and a great reminder of East Africa’s diversity and heritage. Judge Gaetano was a bit more attentive than the rest of us who were caught up in the magic, pointing out a few stumbles that happened mid-performance. Nevertheless, they made it through to the next round and we’re kinda curious to see what they make it into the final 18!

Fight me if you disagree that 9-year-old Janelle had the most epic performance of the night. I’m ready, earings off. The young girl took to the stage and belted out the classic “Summertime” with her tiny-big lungs. To say we were flabbergasted would be an understatement, this young girl was on fire. Would we be biased if we predicted she’ll take the 5 million home?

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

But then Jehova Shalom Acappela walked in the room and Judge Makeda was like

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Side note: That dress, that beadwork!

This performance you must just see for yourself. This is the impulse Stori Ibambe was made for. Like really, haven’t you already talked on the phone today? Just check *460# to see your Story Bonus target. If you haven’t reached it yet, just call up a friend to organise a watch session. Once it’s unlocked, in addition to 200% bonus airtime (which you can use to discuss the show after you watch it), you get 200MB of free YouTube. Your Welcome. We’ve cued up the link below to start when Jehova Shalom Acappela enters the stage. Just press play!

So after dozens of performances these last six weeks, who will make it to the final 18?! We can’t wait to find out! And that 5 million shillings on the line! Phew!

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