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Did You See Who Made Vanessa Mdee Cry? EAGT Ep 4 Had Us In Our Feels!

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We did not anticipate that we’d be so invested in this show!

First, they hit us with adrenaline in the first 3 episodes but now it’s all tears and emotions because some of the contestants are baring their mind, body and soul.

As far as talent is concerned, the range has widened. This episode saw dancers, contortionists, opera singers and Kung fu dancers share the stage to try their luck at winning the 5 million shilling prize.

Here’s what went down, this episode had 12 contestants who brought their A-game to the stage. This time, however, it was a tug of war with the judges.


Trouble started when Elisha the Gift from Rwanda belted out the classic song Ave Maria, which led to a heated argument between Gaetano and Vanessa Mdee. Gaetano stood behind Elisha with a strong Yes but Vanessa was not impressed by the performance arguing that it could have been better.

Image source: YouTube/East Africa’s Got Talent

33-year-old singer Alisha Popat’s moving story showed us how our dreams and goals can sometimes be nipped in the bud. She explained how her singing career has been through ups and downs with missed opportunities. And enyewe we went on YouTube and found her channel, where she has several videos from like 6 years ago that got over 100k views. Heh! Please go check out her stuff – don’t tell us you about bundles please and most of you get a daily Story Bonus through Stori Ibambe. No comprendo? Check your messages from Safaricom – most of you are familiar with Safaricom’s story bonus, but what you don’t realise is now you’re getting 200% free airtime AND 200MB free YouTube every day you reach that target. But are you making use of that free data, sis? Really? Thank us later.

Anyway, what we discovered this episode is that Alisha Popat’s beautiful melodic voice is as beautiful as ever, as each note reverberated through the theatre. That she got 4 yeses from the judges had us so emotional like


But wait, as we wiped our tears, in came Faizal Monstrixx from Uganda, at first we were confused as he put up a Kanye West Sunday service like performance. His costume was something out of a Sci-Fi movie and the moment he jumped off stage we almost spilled our drinks, we definitely did not expect that


The episode ended on quite an emotional note and let me tell you we were not ready. Yada Yada contemporary dance crew had us calling our relatives to apologize for no reason at all


Coming from a humble background, the two young men gave the best performance of the night and their backstory left Vanessa Mdee bawling her eyes out. A hug from fellow judge Jeff Koinange made the whole moment so touching. We are so glad Yada Yada got through to the next round, and really looking forward to getting to know them as the show progresses. Guys, when they start asking for votes, please tuhesabike!

Grab some tissue and catch the full episode here. Oh, and just cause it’s really creative and so true- check out the Stori Ibambe ad as well: Do you remember the days when a 30second conversation was just too long? We’ve come from far guys!

Watch party for EAGT Episode 5? I guess we’re going to be needing both tissues and popcorn for this series!