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Diageo World Class Kenya Partners With Villa Rosa Kempinski For Cocktail Competition

Diageo cocktail competition
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It’s fair to say that sometimes we don’t know much about our favourite drinks.

A look at the ingredients on the menu is enough to make us decide on our cocktails. However, Diageo’s sponsored cocktail competition has shown us that there’s more that goes into the process.

Diageo World Class Kenya partnered with luxury hotel Villa Rosa Kempinski to host the first ever Cocktail competition between two of the finest mixologists in the country; Evans Otieno and Joshua Wesonga.

Diageo cocktail competition

Image Source: RedHouse PR

The cocktail competition offered a variety of curated experiences that celebrate the craft of bartending and provided consumers with amazing quality cocktails while delivering a luxury consumption experience.

The mixologists battled it out in a quest to make the best whisky, gin and rum cocktail. Evans Otieno has crowned the best mixologist and got his cocktail menu featured on the Kempinski Balcony Bar.

A higher number of trained bartenders will enable the hospitality industry to diversify and create more signature drinks with each hotel looking to make its own mark on the industry.” said Diageo East Africa Senior Brand Ambassador Douglas Duncanson.

Image source: RedHouse PR

Shining a light on some of Nairobi’s best hospitality talent, World Class celebrates the skill, creativity and inspiration that goes into creating cocktails. The event provides a fantastic opportunity for venues to showcase what they are best at and guests to experience cocktails in a new, fun and interactive way.” said East Africa Breweries Limited Brand Manager Grace Nyokabi.

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World Class bartenders and the venues where they work are synonymous with sophistication, impeccable service and pushing the boundaries of contemporary and experiential cocktail culture.

We’ll definitely put some respect on the bartenders who make our drinks next time we go out because we are now aware of the expertise and sophistication they put in.


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