How You And Your Bestie Should Pull Up To Your Ex's Wedding!

How You And Your Bestie Should Pull Up To Your Ex’s Wedding!

What To Wear To Your Ex's Wedding
We can’t promise the bride will love you after this!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn heads at your ex’s wedding! Lol! What is it with ex’s who invite you to their wedding anyway? Best case scenario is you will probably get shit faced and act a mess, but if you take our advise, at least you’ll look hot while at it 😛

1. All black.

Put all your hopes of getting back together with him to bed, with a chic and lacy all black outfit. Black is mysterious and sophisticated, which makes it the perfect companion for your ex’s wedding 😉

2. Shake things up at your ex’s wedding in all red!

Red is such a power colour and we love the fit and flare silhouette of these skater dresses! Combined with the dainty, nude sandal heels and popping red lipstick, this look is an absolute win!

3. Not white, but close.

It’s an absolute taboo to wear white to a wedding, unless all white has been specified as the dress code and your ex’s wedding is no exception. However, ivory, a shade of off-white looks rather lady-like and chic, and the cute fur detail is a fabulous touch!

Are you attending your ex’s wedding any time soon? Which of these looks would you wear for the grand day?

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