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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Bras

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YouTube sensation Superwoman is known for her strong opinions and funny commentary. She recently posted a video about why she is all for the #NoBraMovement and you know what, we agree!

Here are the reasons why the world would be a better place if bras did not exist.
1. Bras make the breasts less toned

“You can gain more tone and supporting breast tissue by letting gravity do its natural work”, says sport science researcher, Jean-Denis Rouillon. Bras run the risk of cutting off much-needed circulation, resulting in premature sagging!

Bras Hate Zumi

Source: Huddah

2. It’s hard to find one that fits properly

Finding the right bra for your size is difficult. When they are new, they give good support but after a few weeks, that changes. Most properly fitting and well padded are hard to come by.

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed


3. They are uncomfortable

After a long day, most women say that the first thing they do when they get home is take their bra off. The straps are also very uncomfortable especially after a long busy day.

Hate Bras Zumi

4. They are expensive

Good bras are hard to come by and most high end stores in Kenya over price their bras. Buying second hard inner wear is also a very unhygienic and highly discouraged.

Bras Hate Zumi

Here is why YouTuber Superwoman hates bras:

So this breast cancer awareness month, join the #nobra movement at least for a day!