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Stunning Wedding Moments That Will Make You Go Aaaaww

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This will definitely get you in your feelings.

Wedding season is a roundthe corner, and if you haven’t caught the bug, trust us with these images you definitely will. Weddings are so special and you can create such beautiful tear-jerking moments with your whole family and bridal party. We advise you to grab a packet of tissues because you’re about to shed some tears.

1. The “We Just Got Married” Moment

After months of preparations for that perfect wedding, you definitely have to have that one picture that shows off your happiness with your bridal & groom squad. Bet you can’t wait to create such memories right?

2. “You May Now Kiss The Bride” Moment.

This picture is definitely giving us feels. Such a cute romantic picture of two people in an intimate space. Truly beautiful don’t you think?

3. “Daddy & His Girl” Moment.

Now, ladies if you spot your dad shedding some tears of joy before walking you down the aisle, won’t you just break down? This moment right here doesn’t compare to anything else on your wedding day. Just saying.

4.  “Shall We Dance’ Moment.

How many of you would have the first dance during your wedding? It’s a special moment but first, you got to practice because you wouldn’t want to show the rest you have two left feet, lol.

How many of you are planning to get married this year?  We hope these images keep you inspired.

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Feature Image: Via Instagram/Bellanaijaweddings