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Kumbe Pleated Skirts Are Not Only For Wakorinos! Check Out These Styles

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You can absolutely rock them!

Pleated skirts have been around for so many years but we’re sure your perception of them has been a bit jaded. You either associate them with school uniforms or wakorinos, and that’s okay. We’re here to show you just how fabulous and stylish pleated skirts can be. You can dress them up or down and create some really fashionable looks. A pleated skirt instantly elevates your look and gives it a luxurious feel, even when you’re pairing it up with a tee and sneakers.

Check Out 3 Stylish Ways You Can Rock Pleated Skirts:
1. Casual Look.

Bring out your brightest pleated skirt and pair it up with a simple white t-shirt to give you a casual look. Add on some sneakers or your favorite heels and you’ve got yourself a simple but fashion forward look.

Pleated Skirts

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2. Office Look.

White shirts may seem like a yawn-fest, but you can give them a twist with a pleated skirt. Not only will you be able to wear it time and time again, but it gives a more feminine, and flattering vibe to the skirt.  It’s a great outfit to take you from the office to after work cocktails.

Pleated Skirts

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3. Fashion Forward.

Don’t be afraid to add lots of colors into your looks. Go bold with your style and you’ll have an effortless chic look.

Pleated Skirts

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Will you now be rocking pleated skirts? We know we will!

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